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Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Makes A Good Teacher?

Does a college degree make for a better teacher? Is a college degree really even necessary in becoming a great teacher? Many college degrees can teach methods and more about education. But, a really good teacher is more than a college degree, even a degree from the best university. A really good teacher knows how to motivate. A really good teacher knows how to direct a student to research on their own to truly learn. A good teacher knows how to instill wisdom and a spark for wanting to know more. A good teacher is humble, not arrogant. A good teacher doesn't have to know everything but should know how to direct a student to find out what he or she needs to know.

Are you a good teacher?
Do you know a good teacher?
Have you had the privilege of sitting in a classroom directed by a good teacher? If so, than the teacher.

A good teacher is a prize!

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