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Monday, December 17, 2012

My Thoughts About Newtown Shooting

Please forgive my lengthy comments. I have been numbed, tearful and have so many emotions on what happened in CT. I cannot get these horrific events of yesterday morning out of my thought and, of course, my prayers. I look down this list
 and 14 of these babies were the same age as one of my daughters.

I cannot imagine what Christmas morning, or the last night of Hanukkah will be/was for these families. This absolutely breaks my heart in two. ...

And, I cannot help but wonder if any of them would have one day met up with my daughter as friends, or even as her intended mate, but has now been snatched forever from this world.

To my knowledge, I do not know anyone in Connecticut with children in Sandy Hook Elementary, but my heart grieves with these strangers.
My heart grieves for the kids who saw their friends die in a gruesome manner.
My heart grieves for Ryan Lanza who was initially blasted all over the internet as the killer when it was really his brother.
My heart grieves for the families and friends of the adults and the teachers who acted heroically.

I have questions, like how did this gunman get into the school? And, of course, I want to know why.

And, I realize everyone is going to grieve in their own way and no one means any harm for their knee-jerk first reactions.

I see posts responding to the tragedy blaming guns (neither bans on guns or laws for right to carry will fix this. The same day, 22 children in China were stabbed by not a gun wielding bandit, but a knife-wielding one),

blaming public schools (this isn't isolated to public schools. It happened in an Amish community, a theatre and places of employment in the past),

blaming taking prayer and God out of schools (there were teachers praying with their huddled terrified students, which may have saved their lives)

or even blaming God (God does not make evil happen, but allows it for reasons we cannot yet fully understand)

The truth is that this was an evil act committed in a less-than-perfect world filled with the need for the light of love found only in a risen savior. That's what I believe. This act of horrific violence grieves me, scares me, shakes my sense of security and feeling of safety and makes me want to wrap a blanket of peace around the survivors. And, we cannot let this man's murderous acts to win.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Draw Plus Science Book Teaches Through The Art Of Drawing

Learn Science while drawing art.  Another wonderful book in this “Draw Plus” line of books.  Draw Plus Science by Freddie Levin, published by Peel Productions, Inc.,  is a 64-page fun way to enhance science studies by using art.

My children love this hands-on approach to learning scientific facts.  And, of course, my elephant-loving daughter was drawn to the elephants.

The book is filled with more than 200 drawings and full color illustrations throughout the book.  It is intended for children age 6 and up.  My six-year-old loved it, but so did my 10 and 12 year olds.  I wish I could teach every subject like this every day

Shhhh!  Don’t tell your child they are really learning because they won’t realize the enormous amount of information that is filling their head full of knowledge while they think they are doing nothing more than creating through the art of drawing.  While your child is drawing, he or she is also learning about scientific observation and facts about classification, life cycles, seasons, measuring, recording, variety in nature, climates, inherited traits as well as characteristics of organisms. 

The book is available at area bookstores or your local library.  If it’s not there, ask for it as it would be a sweet addition to any learning collection.  Find it also online at

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book to my delight in exchange only for my honest review.  I received no other compensation.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The hottest new word game Typecrush is green and made in the USA

If you haven’t heard about this great new game, check it out!  I received a sample to try out for myself with my children in exchange for this review.  No other compensation was exchanged, just my following thoughts about the game:

Typecrush is a simple yet brilliant game that creates teachable moments in the form of a word game.  Included are round colorful cardboard disks with letters imprinted on them.  Each color represents how frequently that particular letter is used in the English alphabet.  The color coding also gives you clues to solving the hidden word games.

The rules are similar to Hangman, but that’s where your creativity is free to launch.  Play the game by your own rules.  The only official rule is that when someone guesses the word they get to choose the next word.  Also, the makers of Typecrush suggest that you play using themes and that players be at least seven years old.

We played it with making crosswords, spelling words on my daughter’s spelling list and by guessing the words that other players created.  Another way to play could be to mix up the letters like a word jumble puzzle or to play matching games, like a game of Memory.

Of course, the game would not be complete until someone spelled the word E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T!
The game is assembled in the USA and is made from recycled materials.  The entire game fits inside a canister that is very portable.

You can find the game at and order it just in time for Christmas, or it may arrive before the 8 days of Hanukkah are over.


There is a fantastic giveaway going on at Teachable ScottsTots blog.  All you have to do is comment with a creative vocabulary word (please keep it clean), and you could win your very own Typecrush game.  Once you get your hands on the game, you’ll fall in love and will be building words and creating new games like you’ve never imagined.  Before you know it, your children will be spelling words with ease and begging to play Typecrush to show you’re their newly learned skills.