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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is Depression and Why Would Anyone Sink Into It?

We hear a lot about depression, but what is it really? Why would anyone "in their right mind" ever sink into despair. Depression hits so many otherwise bright and talented individuals. Many great leaders in history have suffered from it. There was a president who once referred to it as his "Black Dog." If presidents can succumb to the notion of depression, then surely anyone can.

Here is a wonderful expression of what it feels like to become depressed.


Read it, and if you like it sign up for a Goodblogs account so you can vote it up. If it gets enough votes, it will make it to the Top posts and this will make the author very happy. Who knows, maybe if enough voters show their support, this writer will never be tempted to sink into the despair of depression ever again.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What is Easter? Lesson Plan in Vocabulary Words For Kids

What is Easter? To many it's simply Easter bunnies hopping about hiding eggs and offering photo opportunities at shopping malls. For others, it is a whole lot more.

It is the biggest holiday among Christian believers next to Christmas as it traditionally celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ who is believed to be savior to many.

Here is a great study for kids in vocabulary words and terms from a religious perspective! It makes for a great lesson plan on Easter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Is Passover?

Passover begins at sundown on April 17, 2011. Do you know what it is or why it is celebrated? If you are not Jewish, why should it matter? The truth is that even holidays from other cultures than what you embrace can serve to be a wonderful learning experience. It's a story of freedom. Following are some great links that explain Passover:

15 Passover Terms for Children

Facts About Egypt

Passover Seder Symbols and How To Celebrate Pesach

Friday, April 1, 2011

History of April Fools Day

It's April Fools Day! Did you have some fun today? Did you fill up the salt and pepper shakers with cayenne instead? Did you loosen the lid on the milk carton to watch an unsuspecting family member pour milk aimlessly over the entire kitchen floor? Did you come up with a doozy?

Personally, I never have enjoyed this particular day of revelry. Perhaps my personality is simply too serious and realistic. Or, maybe I don't see laughter among pain caused when you play someone for a fool. Maybe I am over the edge and simply need to lighten up on this one. But, this has got to be the worst holiday ever thought up, in my humble opinion. What other holiday allows you to play jokes on someone making them out to be foolish? What other holiday allows you to out right "lie" in the name of a day. I'm paying off all of your debt - April Fools! Look, you get a raise - April Fools! You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on? Really! No! April Fools! Hah hah the joke's on you! What kind of fun is found in such cruelty?

O.K., O.K., I get it! April Fools Day is not all that serious. Put on a happy face and buck up and just have some good, clean innocent fun! Somehow the day still bothers me. Where did it come from? Who originated April Fools Day?

In searching for the answer to this question, I came across this write up on April Fools Day!

The best anyone can tell the day either has to do with a Gregorian calendar change, switching the date of January 1, or a Roman celebration to the god Attis. Neither description endears me or encourages me to embrace the day of laughter.