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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Teacher's Day for Teacher Appreciation May 3

May 3 is National Teacher's Day. This is the day when all teachers across America are celebrated for their job well done. If you know a teacher who spurred you on in life or encouraged you to push the limits to expand your knowledge, thank him or her today!

The National Education Association explains more about National Teacher's Day!

Teachers come in all shapes, sizes, education levels and styles. There are teachers of pre-schoolers, college professors, homeschool teachers many who were classroom teachers prior to educating their own children at home, high school and junior high teachers and more. There are dance teachers, gymnastic teachers, tutors who go beyond the classroom setting to add a special twist needed to get a student beyond the perplexed, questioning and onto understanding. Parenting also involves a great deal of teaching skill as does mentoring someone in any field.

If you are a teacher, the kudos and congratulations to you! The world needs good teachers. And, to thank you for being a good teacher, many businesses are offering special savings or giveaways this week during National Teacher Appreciation Week which ends Friday. Boookstores are quick to give a teacher a decent discount. But, check with other stores and businesses in your area to see who else wants to thank you for being a teacher. It might surprise you from where some of these accolades come.

If you are studying to become a teacher one day. Way to go! Keep up the good work.

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