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Friday, May 6, 2011

B2B Marketplace Vocabulary Word of the Day in Honor of ECPlaza 15th Anniversary

What is a B2B Marketplace? This is a great vocabulary word for the day. In fact, everyday vocabulary words that are tossed about can actually spur on questions as to what they actually mean. As adults, you may fear asking someone for a clarification of a term you feel you should know. But, if you are around children for very long, they show their curiosity to learn constantly and are not afraid to ask what you mean.

There is a really cool B2B Marketplace that is worldwide and is celebrating their 15th Anniversary this year! Find out who it is here! Once you read the blog post, visit the company's site and then come back to catch the links to their Social Networking sites. Visit them on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Linked In - Or all of the above - and wish them a Happy 15th Anniversary!

Now, onto what B2B actually means. B2B stands for Business-To-Business. The World English dictionary describes it like this:

B2C Compare B2E business-to-business; denoting trade between commercial organizations rather than between businesses and private customers

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