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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation At Last!

Graduations: Preschool, elementary, high school and college! All are taking place across America during this time of year. What is graduation? It's simply a ceremony to honor an accomplishment.

Preschool graduation is cute and fun and perhaps a little silly. But, it sure makes adorable pics for the scrapbook. And, it also allows a nice bit of closure for parents longing to hold that little newborn in their arms once more but knowing the goal as a parent is to watch them grow and launch them into the world.

High School graduates tend to think they know it all. Though, many still have college years ahead to bring maturity and independence, high school graduates tend to have an independent spirit and are ready to bust out of the place that held them captive for 12-13 years. Yes, high school graduation is a milestone. But, the graduate has really just begun to learn about what life is really all about.

College grads - Now, it's time to give back and come into who you are. Your official education has come to an end and now it's time to find a job and start living and contributing to society. All your learning comes to a head and is now ready to put it into action. What have you learned?

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