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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Vocabulary List For Mommyjavascript:void(0)

When I had my first child, I was insistent upon using adult vocabulary and not turning words into baby talk. But, no matter my best efforts, there are just some words that crept in - some because it was an easy way to refer to something and others were brought about by the child. Following are some vocabulary words for mothers:

Da-Da - After spending months trying to get your child to say his or her first word, this is the word they say. We are told, whether it's factual or just to comfort the mom, that the "D" is, in fact, an easier sound to form than the "M" to instead say, "Mama!"

boo boo - An injury that usually is easily fixed with only a mommy's kiss.

potty - This is the place previously known by other terms such as bathroom, toilet, etc. From the moment your child shows an interest in using it, it will henceforth be referred to as "potty."

Deer-It-Is! - Yours may come with a different name entirely, but this is how my youngest referred to nursing. In fact, I believe it was technically her first 3-word sentence. When she wanted to nurse, she would lift my shirt and announce Deer-It-Is (There It Is)!

Binky - Again, yours may come with a different name entirely, but this is commonly how a pacifier is referred.

Nye-Nye - This is a way to say goodnight. Ni-ni baby!

Ah-Boo! - This comes about as a form of entertaining the child in a game of Peek-A-Boo. It is oftened shorted to just, Ah-Boo! out of necessity to get to the point of play quickly.

Bye-Bye - From the moment you become a parent of an infant who is learning to speak, you will find yourself never saying "Goodbye" or even "Bye" again. It will always be accompanied with the second "Bye!"

Giksimik - OK, I threw this one in on a personal note. When my son was little, he had a little Farm toy that made sound when touching appropriate picture. One day, my husband decided to write down what my son called these pictures and tape the word beneath the picture. He said "cow" "dog," etc correctly enough for a beginner. But, then he came to the farmer and he would refer to it as "Giksimik." We found it funny but thought nothing more about it till one day this year (my son is now 10) I found that toy and hit the button to discover when you hit the farmer button, it did not make a sound like the cow mooing or the dog barking. Rather, it played music. It took me 10 years, but I believe my son was trying to say "Music" and it came out as "Giksimik."

You have your child's cute mixed-up pronunciations too. Write them down so as never to forget these unforgettable precious moments. In the meantime, enjoy your new-found mom vocabulary.

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