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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time for St. Pat's Day Fun!

Do you celebrate St. Pat's Day? Not being raised Catholic or Irish, I only enjoyed the skirt tails of the holiday growing up. All I knew about it was that I was to wear green or be pinched, that some people went very wild on the day, and that it was about a guy who chased snakes out of Ireland.

Well, some of that is true. The more I learned as I grew, about St. Pat, the more I thought the world of him. I understand he used the clover, a simple piece of nature - God's creation - to tell the account of the trinity with each leaf representing one part of the trinity - The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

I still don't know as much about the history of St. Pat's Day as I would like, but today when we were driving home, I had to laugh. We live near a town that celebrates Irish Catholic holidays. They are ready for a St. Pat's Day run this weekend, so they painted green 4-leaf clovers on the street. As I drove, I pointed this out to my children to which my son quick-wittingly replied: "Hey, let's go this way - It's lucky!"

Whatever your belief, whether it lines up with the original St. Pat or not, I wish you the "luck of the Irish" on St. Paddy's Day! May your day be filled with learning and expanding your knowledge of these historically fictional and non-fictional events.

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