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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan's Nuclear Power Plant Explosion Raises Questions

Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion has made me wonder many things. For starters, I didn't even understand how nuclear energy was created. I have heard the term nuclear fission, but never knew what it meant. I knew an atom had a nucleus, but didn't realize that's where the term "nuclear" was derived.

So, I did a little searching, and found a couple sites that really explain the process well. One is How Stuff Works. This is an excellent resource for just about anything on learning how something works. The other site is Kids Korner about energy. This site explains the process of fusion and fission so well my 10 year old completely understood it when I showed him the site.

I still am not a nuclear physicist by any means, but I was very excited to discover that there are resources out there that explain quite difficult terms on a level even I can understand.

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