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Thursday, March 10, 2011

82% Of Schools Are On Course To Fail According To Arne Duncan

In an article released today from Education Week which can be viewed here:

Read article here!

Arne Duncan warned Congress that 82% of the United State's schools are on a path of failure.

He referred to the assessments made with the No Child Left Behind Act. But, this is coming also in the wake of potential educational budget cuts.

How can American schools improve? And, how can they improve if there is no funding? But, how can the nation move forward if there are no cuts whatsoever?

Funding public education is a simple idea that turns complicated when put into practice. The idea is simple: Tax residence - Pay for education of their children. In the process of all this, Teacher Unions and individual school districts and individual families begin to speak their mind, and not everyone agrees. Arguments, Board members threatened and even students upset to the point of tragedies occur. We all need to come to some form of agreement if our schools are going to succeed and compete with global issues.

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