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Monday, March 14, 2011

Nuclear Power Explained

The cooling system has just failed inside a third reactor. This is the news I'm hearing from Fox News as I type this. They say it's still within legal limits and the explosion was caused from hydrogen and oxygen. Watching all the news coverage on Japan's catastrophic disasters that started with the 8.9 earthquake that has now been upgraded to a 9.0, followed by a tsunami, followed by more than one explosion at a nuclear facility. They have been worried about meltdown or a Chernobyl level disaster.

To date, in addition to over 1 million without water or electricity, the rating of the plant's explosions have been rated a 4. Chernobyl was a 7. But, 160 workers have been reported with radiation-related sickness which includes intense sickness with potentially lingering affects, thousands evacuated and more told to stay in their houses. Those exposed to radiation can later develop cancers, especially thyroid cancer.

It made me wonder how these plants even work.

How Stuff Works

This is a great resource site for starters.

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