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Friday, February 25, 2011

Give Your Opinion On Twitter And Facebook During Oscars Academy Awards Commercials

If you watch award shows like the 82nd Annual Academy Awards set to air at 7:00 p.m. on ABC on Sunday, February 27; then, you know that some of the awards seem to be expected while others make history. Award shows such as these are not textbook history, but provide a learning experience nonetheless. But, advertisers of the Oscars want your involvement in more than simply sitting back and watching the show.

The study of advertisements during large events such as the Oscars and Super Bowl provide a study of economics, marketing and human behavior. It can be quite interesting to discover, for instance, that what advertisers tell consumers to purchase in their million dollar commercials are not necessarily what consumers want. This year, marketers of these commercials will be asking you to do more than sit back or leave the room during the commercials of the Academy Awards. They will be watching your Twitter trends and Facebook activity during the commercials to see what you like. They might even ask you to voice your opinion in a vote.

Read more about this interesting trend in marketing from Wall Street Journal. Then, if you are planning on watching, get your computer fired up and your fingers ready to interact on Twitter and Facebook so your desires can be heard. Who knows, you might change the product development process based on a Tweet.

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