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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Fight For Teacher Unions In Wisconsin Continues

Wisconsin protesters have come out in droves. It all started with a fight over public workers including teacher unions. What do you think? Are these unions too large and too greedy? Or, do they have a point for which they are fighting? Some say that the decisions made was expected as this is the platform the governor had run on - He did what he promised, like it or not! Others say it's much deeper. Still others are calling the democrat lawmakers cowards for running and not fessing up to their duties of making laws.

What do you think? Perhaps you're a Wisconsin teacher who is in the heat of the battle. Perhaps you are a parent of a student. Perhaps you love unions. Perhaps you hate them. Maybe, you see a point in the unions at their inception but now think they've gone too far and gained far too much power.

Have you been camping out at the capitol building in Wisconsin? Have you been watching it on the news and thinking they've all lost their minds? Is your job at stake? What do you think? What is at the heart of this battle? If the bottom line is education and providing teachers with what they deserve, this takes on an entirely different picture than if the bottom line is money and power. What is your solution to the debate, the protests?

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