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Friday, January 4, 2013

Coolest Snow Globe Gift Cards Gift

I realize that Christmas has passed, and we have moved into a new year.  However, I received this coolest gift for Christmas from my niece and just had to share my haphazard tutorial of how to make one for yourself to make your own gift card snow globe.

Hint:  These would make adorable Teacher Gifts for any occasion, and a child could make them with adult supervision with the hot glue gun!

  Yes, they are decorated in Christmas ornaments, but you could just as easily make it any wintry scene to give throughout Valentine's Day, a child's birthday (add a princess theme and some pink tulle) or even a gift just to give during the winter.  You could probably even turn it into a sandy beach/ocean scene with some blue food coloring and a little creativity to give throughout the year.

 Keep in mind that I did not make this originally, I received it as a gift.  But, I pretty much figured out how it goes.

Start with a jar, and remove the label.
Buy a gift card (the ones without the magnetic strip probably work best, but I don't know if this would become damaged when wet or not).  Hot glue the gift card to the inside (bottom) top of the lid.

Note:  When I opened my snow globe to redeem the gift card, this was challenging to remove.  So, it might work best to wrap the gift card inside a clear plastic bag or plastic wrap and glue only the wrapping or outside bag to the lid instead.  Just a thought.  But, I did successfully get all the glue off so I can use the cards.
 Fill the jar with as much glitter as you desire (or other decorations, such as small water-proof Christmas ornaments, little heart glitter (for Valentine's Day) or sea shells and glitter that resembles sand for a beach scene.  Use your creativity and go wild.

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