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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free today on Amazon: An eBay Seller's Secrets: 20 Essential Household Items

I did it!  I publishsed my very first e-book on Amazon, available for download on Kindle readers (or, you can download the Kindle for your PC for free as well and read it on your computer).

The book includes 20 essential household items I have found useful for cleaning, repairing, removing stains, and repurposing items for resale on eBay.

Today only - The book is being offered as a free download.  Get your free copy here!

The process was not overly diffiult, but does require some amount of education in writing, formatting, and uploading for publication - Not to mention designing the cover (which I changed from the original, but the changes have not yet shown up publicly for some reason.  I'm hoping they show up soon.)  I must admit that I am looking at this book as my training wheels book to help me learn the ropes of publishing.  I thoroughly proofed it, and carefully uploaded it only to find some places I would like to tweak and edit.  However, overall I'm happy with the result of my first published e-book.  And, thanks for reading it.  I hope you enjoy the read.

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