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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome To Eliana's Elephant Ears Education

I have a daughter. We call her our miracle because she came to us after losing 3 pregnancies to miscarriage. She is our youngest child and keeps us hopping. From the time she was about 2 years old, she fell in love with elephants. The moment she laid her eyes on her very first WebKinz elephant, she was hooked. Now, she claims her mission is to go from thrift store to thrift store rescuing all of the elephants in the world. Our house needs an additional room to fill her collection.

Throughout the course of elephant collecting, it dawned on me how elephants have a huge (no pun intended) impact on learning.

They are said to never forget (memory is a part of learning)

They have large ears (listening plays an important role in learning)

And, there are probably countless other connections I have yet to discover. But, for the time being, this blog is being prepared to share learing in many forms. So, sit back, open your large elephant ears and get ready to add some education into your memory so you never forget...

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